Talk with any farrier about hoof health, and you’re likely to hear the same thing: it starts from the inside out. That’s why Absorbine® created new Hooflex® Concentrated Hoof Builder, featuring proven ingredients that help provide the essential building blocks to support strong, healthy hooves - all in a concentrated serving size with no fillers.

  • Higher levels of essential hoof nutrients and a lower cost per day than many competitors
  • Purified Biotin and Omega-3 help support healthy hoof growth
  • Zinpro Performance Minerals® deliver essential hoof minerals in chelated form for optimal bioavailability and utilization
  • Tasco® - AOS provides powerful prebiotics that help support nutrient absorption

Zinpro Performance Minerals is a trademarks of Zinpro Corporation. Tasco is a trademark of Acadian Seaplants Limited

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5.6 lb. Pellets/Bag (45-day Supply)

11 lb. Pellets/Bag (90-day Supply)

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