New from Bigeloil – a “no-mess” poultice that makes this tried-and-true method of leg care quick and easy. Unique quilted pockets contain the poultice so no residue is left on the legs, making application and removal easier and cleaner than traditional poultices.

  • Application is as easy as 1-2-3!
    1. Soak poultice for 20 seconds
    2. Apply to leg
    3. Cover with wrap
    No heavy tubs or messy residue
  • Easy removal – just take off the quilted wrap and discard
  • Can be used with warm or cold water
  • Specialized fiber paper holds dry poultice mixture within 28 quilted pockets
  • Uses traditional poultice ingredients: kaolin clay and Epsom salts
  • Can be used when heat or stiffness of the leg is a concern: after competition, heavy work, general soreness, filled legs, or bruising

Bigeloil Quilted Poultice Leg Wraps and Hoof Pads offer an effective, user-friendly, and affordable alternative to traditional poultice application. I can count on them after a heavy work out for a no-mess treatment that brings my horses relief. -Ian Millar, 10-Time Olympian


Carton, 8 wraps per carton

Image of, Bigeloil® Quilted <br />Poultice Leg Wraps